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Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

2018 Speaker line-up coming soon!

Save the date – 3rd Annual Nashville VegFest: April 7, 2018


VegFest 2018

April 7th, 2018

Cam Awesome
Our 2018 Nashville VegFest Emcee is Cam Awesome - Keynote Speaker  | Emcee  | Comedian
Bailey Rae
Bailey Rae runs which offers meal plans, recipe videos, and a supportive community for those who are dabbling in a plant-based diet, and also for those well established in it.
Charity Morgan
Without life there is nothing and there is nothing without life!  It's as simple as that and Chef Charity Morgan is giving life through a plant based culinary journey.
Dr James Lomis
Dr. Loomis is currently the medical director at the Barnard Medical Center in Washington DC
Ellie Laks
Ellie Laks is the Founder of The Gentle Barn and is the Author of "My Gentle Barn, creating a sanctuary where animals heal and children learn to hope."
Geoff Palmer
Geoffrey Palmer is the CEO and Founder of Clean Machine®, an all-natural, vegan sports nutrition supplement company.
Jess Rice
2018 is already proving to be an exciting year for Jess, so catch her while you can at the 2018 Nashville VegFest!
Laura Rodriguez
Laura Rodriguez is the the executive chef of The Heimerdinger Foundation, a nonprofit that delivers free organic plant-based healing meals to cancer patients.
Nichole Dandrea
Nichole Dandrea is a dietitian nutritionist and yoga instructor and creator of Nicobella Organic Chocolate.
Rachel Youngblood
Rachel Youngblood owns Real Food Gratitude, which does the meal planning, local farm sourcing, shopping, and cooking to make it simple to serve mindfully prepared food to your family.
Sid Garza Hillman
My philosophy is that the closer we get to what is natural for us as a species, the better we live, even in the context of the modern world
Tay Sweat
I Beat Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, While Losing Over 100+ Pounds , Now I'm Here To Show The World How I Did It!

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