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Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers


2017 Speaker line-up coming soon!

Save the date – 2nd Annual Nashville VegFest: April 8-9, 2017

SATURDAY Speakers and times:

VegFest 2017 - Saturday, April 8th

April 8th, 2017

10:15AM to 11:15AM
Ellie Laks
Ellie Laks is the Founder of The Gentle Barn Foundation, a national organization that rescues and rehabilitates unwanted animals, and heals people with the same stories of abuse and neglect.
11:20AM to 12:20PM
Biannca Phillips
Biannca Phillips is dedicated to veganizing soul food and country classics. She has a background in journalism and works as an associate editor at the Memphis Flyer, an alternative news-weekly.
12:25PM to 01:25PM
Saloney is a full-time volunteer with Isha Foundation and she has been involved with the foundation for 10 years.
01:30PM to 02:30PM
Victoria Moran
Victoria Moranis the author of Compassion the Ultimate Ethic, she has spoken for nearly 500 audiences, and authored a total of twelve books.
02:35PM to 03:35PM
Robert Cheeke
Robert Cheeke is the best-selling author of the book Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness - The Complete Guide to Building Your Body on a Plant-Based Diet.


SUNDAY Speakers and times:

VegFest 2017 - Sunday, April 9th

April 9th, 2017

10:15AM to 11:15AM
Gene Baur
Gene Baur is co founder and president of Farm Sanctuary, and has been hailed as "the conscience of the food movement" by TIME magazine.
11:30AM to 12:30PM
Ellen Jaffe Jones
Ellen Jaffe Jones is an inspiring motivational speaker, personal trainer, running coach, author, and instructor of healthy cooking classes.
12:45PM to 01:45PM
Bailey Rae
Bailey Rae runs which offers meal plans, recipe videos, and a supportive community for those who are dabbling in a plant-based diet, and also for those well established in it.
02:00PM to 03:00PM
Fraser Bayley
From Butcher to Vegan Body Builder: A Story of Transcendence
02:45PM to 03:45PM
Geoff Palmer
Geoffrey Palmer is the CEO and Founder of Clean Machine®, an all-natural, vegan sports nutrition supplement company.

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