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Vendor Information

Vendor Information


Each and every one of our products are made with only the best certified organic ingredients. We pride ourselves on our products being as clean as possible, always.

Our ingredients come from plants only, it is as simple as that. Apothepurity products are completely vegan and always will be. We promise.
The ingredients and materials used in Apothepurity products are locally sourced when possible. We choose to work with suppliers who care for people and our planet too.

Apothepurity uses only the best organic ingredients. Our environmentally conscious team is constantly implementing new + improved ways to reduce our footprint. We avoid using ingredients that are harmful to the environment, like palm oil, in the products we produce.

Apothepurity products are carefully hand crafted and inspected in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. We believe it is the only way to produce a truly quality product.We are not afraid to hold our ingredients under a magnifying glass. We think you will like what you see.

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