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Buchi Kombucha

When we, “The Buchi Mama’s” met through our kid’s homeschool co-op 7 years ago, we couldn’t yet imagine how our friendship, fermentation and the business which resulted would transform our lives. It started as a simple idea: brew and share kombucha with our community. We were born at the farmer’s market and grew up at a shared community kitchen in the mountains outside Asheville, NC. At the time, only 1 national brand of kombucha was on the shelf and people were thirsting for something that tasted more like home.

In the winter of ‘09, we moved into a retired wine distribution warehouse secluded amidst an organic farm which we have since transformed into the first commercial kombucha brewery in the southeast.

Buchi isn’t only 2 moms anymore -- along the way we’ve gathered a talented tribe of workers and growing a community who thirst for life and believe business can be a force for good in the world. Through grassroots support and the rapidly expanding capacity of good ideas to spread, we now offer our kombucha up and down the east coast.

This is the story of a kombucha brewery founded in a kitchen by two moms -- but it’s also part of a much larger, more fantastical tale. One that you’ve become a part of by drinking Buchi.

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