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Vendor Information

Vendor Information

Cacao Vita

Cacao Vita was launched on June 1st, 2017 with the goal of bringing the highest quality Single-Origin Cacao Nibs to your kitchen.  Our team focuses on the unique tasting notes found within each origin of cacao to bring the best ingredients to the marketplace as well as share recipes and ideas on how to integrate cacao into your diet!  Take a moment to look through our site and do not hesitate to shoot us any questions you have as we would love to speak with you and tell you a little more about us.

Health - Happiness - Cacao

  • One of the highest Antioxidant rich foods on the planet.

  • Rich source of Magnesium and Fiber.

  • Contains Iron and Chromium.

  • Cacao may promote Cardiovascular and heart health with its high percentage of Flavanols, which have been shown to improve blood-vessel function.

  • Cacao contains the mood improver Anandamide also known as the "bliss" molecule.

  • Boosts the brains level of Serotonin, the brains feel good chemical.

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