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Guerrilla Wearfare

Guerrilla WearFare is a vegan themed clothing line created by the revolutionary mind of Christopher Baez. Guerrilla WearFare is a play on words of Guerrilla WarFare which is a tactic that outnumbered or outmatched groups turn to.

Unfortunately, today vegans are outnumbered and outmatched but with our one stomach at a time philosophy vegans will be the majority and the days when humans ate their animal companions will be told in schools, family circles, and even as horror stories and movies.

Guerilla Wearfare means fighting with fashion. Using fashion as a weapon that tells and spreads truth and to help people see things from the viewpoint of the voiceless. The voiceless are our responsibility to protect.

We must help inform our brothers and sisters on this planet by continuing to promote this vegan way of living and how it encompasses so much more than just animal compassion but it ultimately means EARTH compassion.

Help us fight them here. Here at Guerrilla WearFare we won't turn the other cheek, instead we'll pick up art and fight!

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