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Vendor Information

Vendor Information

Plate It Healthy

Founded in 2016; by Dr. Tionna L. Jenkins, Plate It Healthy is a public health & wellness boutique created to share delicious plant-based and vegan recipes along with wellness tips and strategies on how to successfully transition to a whole food plant-based lifestyle and most importantly maintain it!  


Plate It Healthy partners with organizations and business who are interested in adapting a more holistic wellness approach in changing current everyday practices.  This is done through offering several products and services like developing innovative plant-based and wellness programs for diverse audiences and providing culinary team consultation on plant-based meals and conducting a dinner series of experiences entitled, “Dining with Dr. Tionna L. Jenkins: A Plant-Based Experience”, where she creates delicious plant-based dishes for attendees along with providing clinical and scientific based information through a panel discussion from physicians, health care professionals, whole food plant-based and vegan enthusiast. 


In addition to providing public health information and consultation, her cookbook and other merchandise promoting wellness and a whole food plant-based lifestyle are available through this vendor.

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