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Vendor Information

Vendor Information

Psalmbird Coffee

Psalmbird coffee began in 2015 at Freeland Family Farms growing out of our love for all things delicious and organic. What we do is search for the perfect raw coffee bean from farms all over the world. We spend a lot of time taste-testing and experimenting so that we can bring you the very best. We require any bean we carry to be organic.

Why? Because coffee has amazing health benefits but only if it is not saturated in chemicals such as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. And it is undeniable the smooth, rich taste that comes from organic beans will make you never want to taste another non-organic cup again. We purchase our beans (currently from Guatamala) and have them shipped in bulk. Once you make your order, we roast to your preference, flavor your beans if you prefer and either package them whole bean or grind them at a level conducive to your brewing method; so let us know whether you will be using a regular drip pot, K-cup, french press or the like.

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