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Vendor Information

V Grits

Our ultimate objective at V-Grits is to make vegan cooking easy and accessible for everyone.

The concept for our company started in 2014, when the V-Grits food truck was born. Over the warm months of 2015 the food truck attended over 80 events in our hometown of Louisville, KY, serving southern-style vegan meals. Our signature dishes included the Loaded Mac & Cheese with BBQ Jackfruit and Coconut Bacon, and the “Where Do You Get Your Protein?” Burger, a double patty monster of a sandwich. We made all of our own plant-based burgers and cheeses, and strived to show folks that they could still enjoy comfort food. It was a smashing success, and we got to know our customers and hear everyone’s food stories - their favorite meals, why they switched to a plant-based life, or what’s holding them back from eating healthier. What we heard over and over again was that most people would like to eat this way more often, but they have no idea where to start. So we began brainstorming - how can we help people learn to cook vegan meals and fall in love with food the way we have.

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