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Vendor Information

Vendor Information

Zelda & Bramble Superlative Seasonings

At Zelda & Bramble Superlative Seasonings we roast our spices in small batches, crack them as freshly as possible, and blend them all by hand. Everything we do is focused on building flavor and keeping it as vibrant as possible. We believe that when you open a jar of Zelda & Bramble Superlative Seasonings you’ll agree with us: words are not sufficient to describe the aroma, taste, and brilliance!

Our seasonings and teas are chef-designed and produced, drawing from coast-to-coast and intercontinental flavor excursions. In keeping with our taste explorations, we encourage you to experiment, to discover, to always try new things with our flavors. We think you’ll be as excited as we are!

And what’s more, we make our blends using fair trade, organic, sustainable ingredients from cooperative suppliers--all with a vegan ethic, believing that every link in the food chain matters.

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